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At TOURit we are your Real Estate Video Experts. From our high-quality video and photography equipment, to our knowledge and background in marketing and real estate, we have you covered when it comes to marketing your property online. There’s more to creating a real estate video TOUR than just capturing areas of a home and then stitching them together. You must take the viewer on a journey through the home and make them picture themselves living there. This is often easier said than done, because it takes a true real estate professional to understand what makes a property special and who is most likely going to purchase the home. That’s why we work together with you to create an effective video to help sell your property.


Delivering a high-quality product starts with using the proper gear, that is why all our videos are shot using a professional grade HD video camera and stabilizer rig to ensure we capture a high-quality image. While video length is determined by the size of the home, most videos have a length of five minutes or less. We also provide professional photos of the home to include in your marketing collateral and the MLS.
All video TOURs include the following:

  • Stabilized walkthrough;
  • One royalty-free audio track;
  • Company/agent info displayed in video;
  • B Squared Media-provided hosting;
  • MLS-friendly, unbranded video page and link;
  • Photos of the home (requires additional purchase of photo package)

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Your Real Estate Video Experts

Did you know that most states do not allow for YouTube videos to be used on the MLS? That is why we created TOURit, an MLS-friendly way to market your property online using professionally shot and edited high-definition (HD) video. Highlight the features you want to focus on while increasing your property’s online visibility.

Over the past 12 years as a Central Florida agent, I’ve always looked for the most creative ways to market my listings online, while standing out as an agent who is forward-thinking when it comes to advertising. I’ve worked with a variety of photography companies, and have even taken my own photos and created video slide shows…but NOTHING has been as professional and consumer-friendly as the TourIt video product. TourIt offers timely, expressive, intuitive and consumer-centric marketing for listings and I highly recommend them. In just a few short weeks of having their video online, I’ve been contacted by five different buyers who all said they were so impressed with the video tour that they had to see the property in person! It’s my belief that the TourIt product is exactly what buyers are looking for when searching for homes online and it’s also a great way to capture new sellers who are seeking tech savvy agents!

LaShawn Norden, PA

REALTOR, Priority One Homes Team

Thank you TOURit for the amazing real estate video you did for our listing on Pine Ave. The process was seamless, easy, and helped our marketing tremendously. We look forward to many more in the future!

Richard Palmano, GRI, CNE

President, Palmano Group Real Estate

Michael Buffa

Michael Buffa

Our founder, Michael Buffa is our resident Real Estate Video Expert. Michael has a degree in business management from the Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA from Rollins College. Michael spent 5 years in the real estate industry. He decided to combine his passion for filmmaking with his background in real estate and marketing when he realized that traditional video production companies do not understand the keys to marketing real estate. B Squared Media, a corporate media production company, is the result of that combination. Michael has had the pleasure of working with companies such as Disney, TeleToon, Brambles, Rollins College, Harbor House of Central Florida, Special Olympics Florida, Keller Williams Heritage Realty, Palmano Group, and Crescent Resources.

Michael is also a speaker who presents on the benefits of using video to help sell real estate. He is an instructor with Orlando Regional Realtors Association where he teaches how to create professional looking photos and videos. He also presented at the Florida Association of Realtors 2015 Mid-Winter Meeting.